Sunday 16 June 2024

Urgent Upgrade Notice V47-Android Auth app June 21, 2024

The Cloudwork Operations team advise of a critical upgrade affecting the Cloudwork Android authenticator app(both the generic version and the school branded version).

On the 21st June 2024, Google are deprecating the Android push notification APIs currently used in Cloudwork V46(and previous). Cloudwork's V47 supports the new Google APIs. If you are using the Android version of our app, the upgrade needs to be deployed to your school by 21/6/2024.

We need to schedule in a time slot to upgrade your school to the latest Cloudwork V47 in order to continue supporting push notifications in Android. (Please note that even if you do not receive the notification, you can still open the app on your phone after being prompted in the browser to complete authentication).

Please send an email to advising us of your preferred date and time for completing the deploy of V47. This will create a ticket which you can use to monitor the progress of this task.

Thank you for your assistance in completing this critical task.

The Studentnet Team



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