Thursday 9 May 2019

Cloudwork V30 & V31 Release Notes

Welcome to Term 2 of the 2019 school year.

The Studentnet development team has been hard at work releasing two new releases for Cloudwork so far this year being V30 and V31. Our continued aim is to increase your degree of control of your network via new features and user experience improvements in the dashboard. Please find below a brief description of newly available improvements in our V30 and V31 releases.

V30 New Features
  • Deleted User Action has been added to email sync profiles. You can now delete or suspend users that existed in the previous CSV file this profile processed, but is not in this one
  • Added Compromised Password protection settings. It is now possible to prevent users from choosing new passwords that are known to be compromised.

    One of the most common sources of compromised accounts these days is password re-use across different services. The "Have I Been Pwned" project is an enormous aggregation of data collected from data breaches of all stripes. The database currently stands at 551,509,767 real passwords that have been exposed via data breaches, and Cloudwork can now take advantage of this data to help protect our users.

    When a user changes their password through CloudworkID or "I forgot my password", or an administrator changes it for a user through the Cloudwork Dashboard, the compromised passwords check will take the new password and compare it to a list of known compromised passwords, and return an error message informing the user that they have chosen an insecure password. This feature can be turned on or off via the Cloudwork Dashboard, and can be configured to use a threshold, and only reject passwords that show up in the compromised data more often than the configured threshold.
V31 New Features
  • Admin Roles can now be assigned to Groups in addition to being able to assign to individual accounts
  • Bulk Welcome Messages can now be sent to many users(groups, org units, email addresses matching a pattern etc) from the Cloudwork Dashboard
  • CloudworkID settings can now be customised per Org Unit. This includes:
    * CloudworkID Look and Feel settings can be configured per Org Unit
    * CloudworkID enabled features can be configured per Org Unit
  • Compromised Passwords settings can be configured per Org Unit
  • Password Reset email templates can now be customised per Org Unit
  • When uploading a User CSV file, an Org Unit can now be targetted for these uploaded users
User Experience Improvements
  • Reports are now more flexibly filtered when searching by users or events
  • Provisioning Reports can now be filtered by Sync Profile
  • Search form added to SSO Services view
  • Message Templates can now be deleted
  • From address can now be changed in SMS Templates
  • Various bug fixes:
    * Fixed a bug that prevented administrators from uploading new logos and background images
    * Fixed a bug where administrators could enable "send welcome messages" without selecting a message template
If you wish to access any of these new features, your Cloudwork instance will need to be updated to V31. We will be commencing individual instance upgrades starting in May, 2019. To schedule a time for your school's instance upgrade please submit a support ticket or email your request to

Looking forward to working with you through 2019 - Thank you

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