Monday 26 July 2021

Studentnet Cloudwork V40 Release Notes: Smart ID – API(TASS) & flexible Parent accounts

Studentnet is pleased to advise that our latest version 40 is now available for release and deployment at schools.

V40 is a major release implementing full support for the TASS IdM API plus further improvements to Adobe integration. V40 also introduces the concept of Smart ID that extends the concept of Single Sign On to provide smarter authentication flexibility – great for parents!

Our objective with this release was to continue our program of integrations with the systems and apps used in modern Australian schools. Look for further integration support for Azure AD to come in 2021.

Please find below the V40 release notes.

V40 New Features

  • TASS integration: The first version of TASS Sync Profiles is now available

  • Multi-email address flexibility: Email addresses have been reworked to allow users to have secondary email addresses

  • IP address blocking: A new feature has been added to the Authorization Rules allowing controlling service access based on IP address

  • Authorization Rules: More options have been added to control how Authorization Rules are applied

  • Dashboard: OpenID Connect IDP details can now be accessed in the dashboard

V40 Improvements

  • Adobe: A number of bug fixes have been implemented for Adobe Provisioning  

    Dashboard-Messaging: Updated bulk message workflow to enable marking users as "Welcome message sent" once the bulk welcome has been delivered

    Dashboard-MFA: A UI update now allows admins to to manually enter the Multifactor Secret on devices that can not scan QR Codes when implementing multifactor authenticator apps

    Authentication: OpenID Connect authentication now supports username hinting and forced authentication

    Password Policies: Improved Active Directory integration allowing Cloudwork to better support Fine Grained Password Policies in Active Directory

    Miscellaneous: Other minor bugfixes and improvements