Monday 6 May 2024

Social Media Sign On - Cloudwork v46 Release Notes


Cloudwork® v46 Release Notes

New Features

  • Social Media Sign Ons

    • Added the ability to enable and configure Social Authentication (Log in with Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple)

    • Automatic provisioning of accounts permitted to use Social Media Sign Ons

    • Increased security through independent account verification

      OU level granular configurability

  • Adobe syncing

    • Redesigned for greater efficiency and volume handling

    • Increased volume capacity by addressing Adobe API's Rate Limiting Issues, improving Cloudwork's Adobe Sync Processes

    • Able to Sync Cloudwork's Users, Groups and Group members into Adobe for creating, updating and deleting accounts.

    • Improved simplified IT administrator workflow with Cloudwork's Adobe Sync. The Admin no longer needs to manually implement licences to each user in the Adobe Admin Console. Once Cloudwork's Users, Groups and Group Members are synced into Adobe, the Admin will only need to implement a licence profile to a Group within the Adobe Admin Console

    • Automated linking of Adobe accounts into Cloudwork. Cloudwork's Adobe Sync will check for existing Adobe Users, and if the email matches, it will link the Adobe Account to Cloudwork.

    • Suspended Options for Cloudwork Users. The options are to either be removed from the Adobe Organization, removed from the Adobe Organization and delete the account permanently, or ignored.

  • Any changes or updates on a Cloudwork OU or Group regarding Name Changes or Deletions from Cloudwork will be correctly updated in Cloudwork's Adobe configuration. This fixes syncing issues for those OU or Groups that had been updated, which now correctly includes them in the Adobe sync process.

  • Log export to SIEM services

    • Initially support QRadar SIEM.

  • Currently integrated through SecureISS accessing Cloudwork APIs.

  • Forgot Username messages

  • New template options

Fixes and improvements

  • Added the "I trust this device" option to the Cloudwork Authenticator MFA method

  • Fixed an issue where Multifactor authentication and ADFS prompted too often

  • Fixed some bugs around authorization rules and MFA

  • Fixed an issue where the trust token for MFA was some times not stored correctly

  • Fixed some sync profiles losing custom attributes

  • Small updates to Azure syncing

  • Fixes to User search: Will now search alternate email addresses

  • Fixes to Groups UI: Groups with multiple group types no longer breaks the Groups UI

  • Other UI improvements: Spelling mistakes, grammar improvements

  • Started transitioning to Sendgrid's API instead of SMTP for sending email

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