Sunday 11 September 2022

Studentnet Cloudwork V43 Release Notes: AuthentID School Branded Authenticator

 V43 New Features

  • AuthentID - A new multifactor option has been added. Find the CloudworkID Authenticator on the Apple and Google Play stores today. Available in generic and school branded versions.
  • Improved file uploads - A new sync profile for for uploading files has been added. Over time, we'll be migrating email CSVs to use this new sync profile to provide more reliable and more powerful syncing 
  • Password Complexity - New password complexity options have been added, allowing for more powerful and flexible password and passphrase rules. 
  • MFA - The MFA onboarding workflow has been significantly improved, with better user hints and the ability to continue logging in after enabling SSO 

Bug fixes and improvements

  • OpenID Connect support has been revamped to provide large performance improvements 
  • New event types have been added for geoblocking related authentication failures 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Azure AD from authenticating SMTP requests correctly 
  • Fixed an issue resulting in user sessions sometimes not lasting as long as expected 
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Administrators from replacing the logo in the theme 
  • Some changes have been made to improve performance of Adobe syncing. This is the first phase in a longer project to improve support for Adobe 
  • New event types have been added for TASS syncing 
  • Welcome messages have been updated to allow the SIS ID to be included as a template option 
  • Resolved minor security issues

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