Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Managing your Alumni accounts for the new academic year

Updating your graduating students to Alumni status is a simple process.
To start, select Sync Profiles from the menu in your Cloudwork dashboard
Dashboard Menu Screenshot
You'll be shown a list of the sync profiles currently set up for your school.
Sync Profile list Screenshot
Select the sync profile for your graduating year, and then change Role under the User Settings heading to Alum
Sync Profile User Settings Screenshot
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit. Go back into the sync profile and click Start Full Resync. In a few minutes, your graduated students will all be marked as alumni. You can check this by examining any of the newly graduated students. You can also navigate to your dashboard home page and observe that the number of chargeable users has now been decreased (and of course the number of Non-chargeable users correspondingly increasing).

I only have one Sync Profile for my students!

No problem! We need to pln how to setup new sync profiles for each of your graduating years. Call Studentnet on (02) 9281 1626 and we'll be happy to plan this process with you..

My alumni students aren't in Active Directory any more...

In that case, create a support ticket (support.cloudwork.net.au) or send us an email(support@studentnet.net), with a list of the usernames for your alumni students. We'll update them for you.

We'll also accept a list of usernames to process if you manage your students directly or via CSV files instead of syncing with Active Directory.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Password Reset Flow

Password Reset Flow
When looking to reset a password a user will be given a link, this can be on a portal or the login page or whatever method is preferable.
The first screen that is presented is below. This screen the user will enter their username and choose how they want the process to go, by choosing Email or Mobile

If the username is not found or the user does not have the particular recovery method available to them an error will be given. This can happen if the user selects Mobile and the system does not have any record of a Mobile number for the user. Same applies for email. For security reasons the actual reason for failure is not given.

Otherwise we move onto the next screen

Given that we are now on this screen this means a message has been sent to the user’s email or mobile.


The user will then enter the code that was sent to them into the field and continue.

From there the user will be able to reset their password. This is the point where password complexity rules will be applied.

Once the new password is put in and the “Change Password” is pressed. The password change is made and the user is now able to use that password for future logins.